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GÜREL BIJUTERİ will make all the products for which the product order and payment have been completed, ready within 2 working days at the latest and dispatch them to the Customer. The shipment of the products will be provided by the logistics companies known within the Republic of Turkey. GÜREL BIJUTERİ is not responsible for delays caused by logistics companies that undertake product shipment.


GÜREL BIJUTERİ reserves the right to charge the Customer for product shipments. However, the Customer will be informed on the website. No additional shipping charges may be incurred after the Customer has made all Payments.


GÜREL BIJUTERİ supplies all its products from companies that have reached a corporate structure. After examining the possible problems or defects in the products purchased by the customer, if there is a product defect, a new product or a different product with the same amount will be delivered to the customer, and the price of the product will be refunded if requested. GÜREL BIJUTTER will send the faulty product to the manufacturer for examination, if it deems necessary. If the manufacturer approves, the product will be replaced with a new product or a different product with the same amount, or the price paid for the product will be refunded. Warranty conditions will apply for GUARANTEED PRODUCTS. The maximum repair period is 30 working days. The customer must send the product in its original packaging, with all documents including the warranty certificate and invoice, to GÜREL BIJUTERİ. If for any reason, the product returned is not the fault of the customer, the shipping fee belongs to GÜREL BIJUTERİ. It is important that the shipping company to be selected is traceable. The faulty product is the responsibility of the customer until it reaches GÜREL BIJUTERİ.

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